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Gen Con 50! + A Prototype Update

I had a blast at Gen Con 50! This was my first Gen Con and it was simply amazing. I want to write up some thoughts on the various games I played but since I played 23 individual titles and participated in one escape room I may spread that out in posts to come.  Until then here's some T-Rexs, Pikachu and a storm trooper in tails...


Despite having a sick Toddler the game I talked about pitching last time has been moving right along. You can now properly deduce in my social deduction game, which seems... important. At least, the mechanisms provide a way to do so. 

Game Design Rule 313: Until a player actually does a thing while playing your game it's not actually in the game.

So it's off to playtesting. Having lived in the Roanoke area for... 40 days now... getting a playtesting group together is still on the to do list. Hopefully I can fall back on some old friends in other places.

I've added light movement and area control elements to the social deduction and I'm using both a vote and a Battlestar style card challenge, which allows players some real decision points. I think this is pushing the game into middle weight/length (an unusual place for social deduction) but I feel like the game wants a little grit for the legacy aspects to grab on to. I'm going to let it sprawl a bit and then try to push it down to under an hour. We'll see how that goes.

I've got more to say about working with the legacy aspects but this blog post is long enough and I've got to actually get some work done. :P

Cheers,  NE